About the Artist

Watercolour artist Wendy McDougall lived and worked in Thunder Bay, Ontario from 1970 until her death in 2010. The power and subtlety of Lake Superior and Northwestern Ontario provided her with constant sources of personal and artistic inspiration. She produced over 200 works, which range in style from portraiture to landscape, to pure abstraction. Over the course of her career she developed a rich, expressionistic style and complex personal symbology unusual in a watercolour artist.

Wendy taught painting and drawing at the Thunder Bay Art Gallery and in private lessons. Peter Fergus-Moore's article in the Thunder Bay Chronicle-Journal explored Wendy's passion for her work. She was a member of CARFAC Ontario, the association of professional visual and media artists, and the Canadian Artists Representation Copyright Collective. She was also a founding member of the Thunder Bay Watercolour Society.


Wendy - April 2009